Mata Atlântica is a jungle along the Brazilian coast. It owns the largest biodiversity worldwide. Unfortunately nowadays only approximately 8.5 % of the original forest areas are left, this is why Mata Atlântica is one of the most endangered areas in the world.

Mata Atlântica

Our mission is to lead and promote a sustainable lifestyle. Together with an international crowd and the local population we would like to create productive and at the same time sustainable systems like for example sustainable agriculture, wastewater disposal, energy generation and eco-construction. 

Our Mission
  •  Capoeira- and English lessons   

  • Agrofloresta (forest garden agriculture)

  • Eco-constructions

  • Volunteering   

Nilo Peçanha

The Fazenda Saúva is enclosed by the Atlantic rain forest in the community Nilo Peçanha in the state of Bahia in the north-east of Brazil. The famous Dendê coast that has its name from the Dendê palm trees which are widespread there, is not far away and is a real insider tip of the region.

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