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With your donation you help us getting closer to our goal which is the “protection of the rain forest“

The improvement of the quality of life for humans and animals is a nice side effect and therefore very important to us.

The general donation pot

This donation pot funds the things which are needed most urgently for the project like for example the building of a teaching room for classes, workshops and social activities. At the moment the Capoeira and Agrofloresta workshops take place in the open air. Since the rain forest is a place where it often rains a canopied place is very important for the start...


With the sponsorship you help to pay for the costs for classes like Capoeira, environmental education and language lessons. The teachers are working as volunteers at the moment. With your sponsorship we want to make sure that the facilities used by the kids on the Fazenda Saúva can continue to exist in the future.  

With only 50 cents per day you can help us... 

Help for dogs

The inhabitants of the rain forest in Nilo Peçanha are very poor – species appropriate nutrition, medical care and neutering are therefore absolutely impossible. We want to curtail the uncontrolled reproduction through castrations and by doing so improve the quality of life of the dogs that live there. If the amount of dogs remains manageable it is possible to ensure medical care and appropriate food... 

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Find your place in our Project


You can volunteer in many different ways...


Classes and Education  Would you like to work with children and pass on your knowledge? The local kids will welcome you and are quick and eager to learn.


Protection of Nature & Wildlife   Help us plant and harvest our fruits such as  coffee and cocoa plants; maintain our beautiful beaches; take care of the animals; set up fences or build paths in the rain forest and watch animals living in their natural habitat. 


Eco-Construction   If you love the outdoors and enjoy physical work then this is the right project for you! 



If you wish, your stay could start with a language course - Brazilian 


You can come alone or with your whole family!


Farm work with the whole family is a great way to spend a holiday; it helps raise your children’s social awareness and family cohesion.   Volunteering in a foreign country helps children see their own world from a different perspective, and helps them break down prejudices and approach other people with tolerance and open-mindedness.



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