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Our Mission

Our mission is to lead and promote a sustainable lifestyle. Together with an international crowd and the local population we would like to create productive and at the same time sustainable systems like for example sustainable agriculture, wastewater disposal, energy generation and eco-construction. In doing so the preservation of the rain forest is our top priority.


With the help of different projects we would like to: ​

  • promote environmental education, cultural values and nature protection. 

  • encourage the international crowd and the local population to put the system of „Agrofloresta“ into practice.

  ...sporting and cultural activities (e.g. Capoeira) generate enthusiasm and promote the corporate feeling.

  Together we would like to create a place where kids, young people and adults can live together in harmony with nature, work out and eat healthy.

Saúva = Leaf-cutting Ant


How can individuals make „big things“ happen? Only in a group! 

Every leaf-cutting ant knows exactly what its task is. The ants are coordinated, as well physically: the smallest ones are only 1.5 millimetres long, the largest ones are 14 millimetres long. They cooperate in such a perfect way that they work like one single being.


If you take a closer look it gives you a true lesson about organisation, integration, harmony and balance. 

That is why the leaf-cutting ant is our role model. 

By the way, it lives in tropical and subtropical forests, as well as steppes in Central and South America.


Would you like to be part of our anthill? 

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