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Sustainability describes a way of thinking that leads to a more economic, ecological and social level of dealing with nature and our resources.  The core of this is a harmonious co-existence of humans and nature. Sustainability is often put on the same level as the word future stability. In this context sustainability means the use of resources in a way which preserves the livelihoods linked to nature for the following generations. 

  • Controlled use of plant resources from forests with the premise of replanting if necessary. 

  • 100% preservation of green areas that are not destined for economic use. 

  • Measures that encourage organic production and consuming organic products, because they do not damage nature and are healthy in addition to that. 

  • Use of renewable and clean energy. 

  • Recycling of trash. In this way a source of income can be created, the amount of trash and the exploitation of resources can be reduced.

  • Controlling water consumption in order to avoid waste. Measures against water pollution and for cleaning polluted water.

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