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Sponsorship contribution 15.-EUR / month

By sponsoring you will help to pay for the tuition offered at the Fazenda Saúva, e.g. Capoeira, environmental education and language teaching. Learning the English language gives the children have better job opportunities in the future. The project "Fazenda Saúva" is a novelty for the children and adolescents. They enjoy the leisure activities that they can use with their friends, in addition they learn to appreciate and protect their home - the rainforest. The teachers are currently working as volunteers. Your sponsorship contribution is designed to ensure that the offers used by the children at the Fazenda Saúva can continue to exist in the future. 

You can help us with just 50 cents a day ...


If you choose to support a child by sponsorship, we would ask you to contact us so we can give you more information about your godchild. Then you simply set up a standing order, which you cancel any time after consultation with us.

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