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Help for dogs


Donations for neutering, animal feed and medical care

The uncontrolled reproduction of dogs often brings a sorrowful and usually short life. The people of the rainforest are too poor to have their dogs neutered or for them (and their many puppies) to be treated by a veterinarian.


That's why we want to start changing things for the future and our commitment is also supported by our sustainability strategy.


The benefits of neutering are many but unfortunately we cannot finance the operations and medical care alone and we hope that we may count on your help.   In Brazil the castration for a male costs about 50.- €  and to spay a female about 75.- €.


Part of your donation would also go toward animal feed as the dogs currently survive on dangerous or unhealthy food scraps, such as chicken bones which splinter easily and spicy rice (Brazilians like to spice up with chili pepper!)


A small donation instantly makes a difference to the lives of these animals and we thank you for your support.

If you choose to support us with a donation for the dogs, please indicate "dog" as the intended purpose in the bank.

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